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Prepress Graphic DesignerThursday, January 30, 2020

Load customer supplied electronic files for output, onto the Prepress file server. Check customer's electronic files for completeness and potential problems using software on the Macintosh and Windows OS platforms. Identify missing or problematic components and communicate them to the CSR, customer, and production personnel. Work directly with CSR, customer, and or production personnel as necessary to work out any problems with the job.

 Reports To: Prepress Supervisor
  1. Read workorder as well as all notes and instructions (customer notes, digital paperwork, etc.).
  2. Use preflight software to check incoming work to determine if all elements of the job conform to Ripon specifications.
  3. Ensure that we have all fonts needed for the job and resolve font conflicts.
  4. Check for type reflow.
  5. Identify missing images and inform customer.
  6. Identify colour issues (RGB, too many spot colors, etc.).
  7. Identify page layout issues (wrong margins, no page bleed, wrong page count, etc.).
  8. Perform basic troubleshooting.
  9. Communicate concerns found in preflight procedure to CSR, customer, and/or production personnel.
  10. Work directly with CSR/customer as necessary to resolve issues/problems.
  11. Maintain good relations with other departments and customers.
  12. Maintain all equipment related to department.
  13. Follow all required safety procedures such as: PPE's, Ergonomics, Chemical Hazards, etc. Perform job in a manner that protects the health and safety of all employees. See safety manual for additional safety requirements.

Skills required

  1. Working knowledge of the Windows operating systems
  2. Working knowledge of the following software
    Adobe Acrobat, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop)
    MS Excel, MS Publisher, MS Word
  3. Understanding of printing process
  4. Customer Service

Job Qualifications:

  1. Has a working knowledge of Windows operating systems.
  2. Familiarity of page layout, image manipulation, drawing and PDF handling software.
  3. Previous experience or education in Graphic Arts.
  4. Demonstrate good attention to detail.
  5. Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  6. Demonstrate troubleshooting skills.
  7. Good mathematical skills.
  8. Be able to read a ruler and convert fractions to decimals.
  9. Work effectively without direct supervision.
  10. Ability to learn quickly.
  11. Ability to understand new concepts.
  12. Work overtime as needed.
  13. Customer support or answering phones, emails.