KW Lawn Signs, Kitchener-Waterloo Digital Printing Services

Kitchener Waterloo Printing Company

ElectraColour print shop can print from business cards, flyers, to coroplast signs on flat beds with many other card board signs, we can also do custom tradeshow booths. Customer cnc cutting to making a promotional in store materials and booths to present your in business new way. Bring you idea we will give you in printway.

Coroplast Lawn Signs & Digital Printing Services

Printing review by a real estate agent
Call us today or visit our print facility located in Kitchener. Don't worry if you are busy we  can send a print expert to your business location
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TERMINATOR 126" Inkjet Printer

The Terminator was designed to print fast and economically on flexible materials.

ElectraColour Terminator Inkjet Printer
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