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Presentation Cheques

Large Cheques are available in Small, Medium, Large & Custom cheques. Customize design for Charity event cheques, company cheques, bank cheques or in store display cheques.

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We ship anywhere in Canada & USA call us for shipping, Presentation cheques can be uploaded or emailed, digitally printed full colour.
Presentation Cheques Order Large Charity Printed Cheques Kitchener-Waterloo

Fully Customised Cheques

Fully Customised Cheques Price and Size Guide. Prices vary by sizes, finish of the cheque and to know more about our large presentation cheque prices, simple select the size of presentation cheque you're looking for by clicking on the corresponding dropdown.
  • Company Cheques

    Company Cheques Price and Size Guide

  • Charity Cheques

    Charity Cheques Price and Size Guide

  • School / College / University Cheques

    School / College / University Cheques Price and Size Guide

  • Bank Branded Cheques

    Bank Branded Cheques Price and Size Guide

  • Lottery Cheques

    Lottery Cheques Price and Size Guide

  • Casino Cheques

    Casino Cheques Price and Size Guide

  • Bookmaker Cheques

    Bookmaker Cheques Price and Size Guide

  • Large Novelty Items

    Large Novelty Items Price and Size Guide

ElectraColour one-time use or reusable large custom cheques are perfect if you're looking for a fully branded, colour-coded, reusable presentation cheque for your company/event.

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