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Durable, affordable, and versatile enough for any business need

  • All Plastic A-Frame Sign
  • Regressed sign area helps to protect sign faces
  • Holds two signs and comes in two sizes 24"W x 36"H or 18" x24"
  • Sign face can receive vinyl sheeting (with surface preparation), metal, Coroplast´┐Ż, or acrylic sign blanks
  • Can be internally ballasted with sand
  • Molded-in handle for easy portability
  • Stacking lugs facilitate handling by keeping stacked units from sliding and damaging sign faces
The Plastic A-frame signs are durable 100% plastic products that will not rust, splinter, or ever need painting and this is a great place to get them at very reasonable prices. The Signicade is 25"x45" and has a 24"x36" sign area. You can easily display a sign on EACH SIDE of the stand. Available in yellow, orange, blue, green, red, black and white. The molded handle provides easy portability. These stands can be internally weighted down with sand. Vinyl graphics can be applied directly to the sign area of the sign stand or sign faces can be attached with Velcro, double stick tape, screws, or the optional "Well-Nuts".

There are two important things to know before using any of these plastic a-frame stands. One is how much sand to use when adding internal weight to the stand (if needed). You should only put 5 lbs (or about a coffee can full) in each side. That comes to about 6 inches in the bottom of each side. You do NOT want to fill them up all the way to the top with sand or they will bend.

The second thing is that you will need to prepare the surface with isopropyl alcohol and "flame treatment" if you are applying an adhesive backed vinyl decal directly to the sign area or it may not stick to the surface. You do not need to use isopropyl alcohol if you are attaching a completed sign panel to the sign area of the stand using screws or some other mechanical fastening method.  


Plastic Sign Frame