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Postcards with Custom Message 14, printed on 14pt

$167100 Postcards with Custom Message 14 14pt

Postcards - Variable Data Printing

These are postcards printed with variable data.Variable data can be the recipient's name, business or company name, or other information. This works for a very relevant direct mail campaign, with better results - why? Because each of the postcards or other material you send out immediately catch the attention of the recipient, by displaying something they immediately associate with in the postcard. This can be done with the use of images or text. They are a perfect option for postcard mailers.
Variable Data Printing, or VDP makes the process of direct mailing a lot easier. Each piece of mail is printed for each specific person - so it's much more targeted at the people you are trying to reach.
Features of Variable Data Printing (VDP): 
  • Mix images and messaging together to make your direct mail more personal to each prospect,
  • Ability to test new marketing campaigns effectively before rolling them out,
  • VDP increases the likely-hood of a follow up call, e-mail or website visit exponentially,
  • Less likely hood people will throw out right away, as they will be intrigued by seeing their name on the postcard.