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New Dry Ink Technology - What is it? Dry Ink Technology by Xerox Saturday, July 19, 2014

The new dry ink technology by Xerox - this page answers, what is this new technology? How does it work? What can it do for me and my business, and how can it impact my print jobs?

Clear dry ink is really awesome. It is added to existing or new designs. Clear dry ink enables your printed material to "pop." Images and graphics stand out more, and truly "jump" out at the person who is looking at it.
Clear dry ink can be used to help highlight photos or logos, add watermarks, as well as metallics & pearlescense. A whole new world of creatively is possible with clear dry ink technology from Xerox.
Want to get your message noticed? Clear dry ink is a useful tool for this. Utilizing InDesign CS5, once you get used to the basic workflow, you too can apply designs using clear dry ink in minutes. The difference with clear dry ink is clear. Apply it, and see a real lasting impact to your prints.

Environmental Impact - Recyclable and Non-Toxic

Xerox dry ink is non-toxic. It does not create any hazardous waste. Prints or copies made with dry ink also can be recycled easily, using standard recycling and de-inking procedures. These dry ink toners are created using find powders, mostly these powders are made of plastic, small amounts of adhesives and coloring.
Here are some points in regards to dry ink technology. Here's everything you need to know.

  • Clear dry ink is amazing
  • Add to existing or new designs
  • Images and graphics text pop
  • Helps to highlight logos and photos
  • Add watermarks
  • Metallics, pearlescense
  • Whole new world of creativity
  • Bring prints to life get messages noticed
  • Indesign cs 5  create prints that are amazing
  • Understand workflow
  • Applying designs can be completed in minutes
  • Difference is clear
  • Apply clear dry ink real lasting impact