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1 Large Donation Cheque for $175 (was $250 Save: $75)

Large Custom Donation Cheque Sku: EC366
Price: $175 (Reg: $250)
Size: 48x20
Printed: Single side, Full Colour
Quantity: 1
Stock: 4mm foam board
Turn-around: 3-5 business days*

Large Custom Donation Cheque allows and encourages community members, supporters to make generous contributions by bringing reorganization to favorite charity, school, cause or non-profit organization, at the same time encourages new donors. These over-sized large custom presentable cheques are commonly used at churches, medical, research centers as well community event winners celebration events, colleges, shelters.


On the other side large donation checks are the perfect way to present a generous gift on any occasion. In general contributions help create a safe, loving and healthy community. It ads value by using presentable cheques in presentation ceremony.  We produce blank donation cheques, laminated re-usable cheques when required in many sizes, and we can produce 1 big cheque to many large cheques in quantity.

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