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Phatcards a new brand to re-brand your business cards with hi-end solutions for affordable business solutions. Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The newest product, PhatCards sheets and inserts are available in various colours & stocks. Phat cards are perfect for announcements, menus, invitations and elegant cards. The result is a thick, fine paper stocks that involves the look and feel of the letterpress era from your digital or conventional prsses.

Our new business cards, Phat Cards blend tradition with technology to produce elegant, fine-crafted cards, announcements, coasters, menus, magnets, clings or any print project where luxury and a unique touch are desired.
 Phatcards Business Cards - High end Business card Solutions
Two Phatcards sheets allow for the creation of a 32-point, stationery-quality cards that can be printed on the HP Indigo or other digital presser an conventional press equipment. The elegant feel of this fine-crafted paper is reminiscent of its roots in letterpress printing.
 How does this work?
Each of the two sheets, run separately through the press has a 16 point thickness and features a unique pressure sensitive cohesive on the back. After printing a top and back sheets, they are sealed together on a guideline cutter with minimum  pressure of three tons.