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Yard sign design file upload questions? Sunday, June 14, 2015

Quick questions list related to yard signs pricing, quality, warranty, colours, file uploading questions were grouped for review, in case any of these are missing please give us a call for complete up dated details.

Could I make my own particular Yard Sign plan on electracolour.com?
Not at this time! We still want to give personal touch.

I have a Print-Ready Yard Sign configuration document, would it be able to be transferred to my record?
Positively - utilizing the Upload Print-Ready Design alternative, any premade Yard Sign configuration you've made may be effectively transferred into your electracolour.com account. Records of up to 100MB (megabytes) may be added specifically to your record thusly.

My Print-Ready record is bigger than 100MB, by what means would I be able to utilize it for my Yard Sign?
On the off chance that the grind can't be cut down to the 100MB size by taking after our electracolour.com File Preparation Guidelines, we prescribe utilizing a 3rd gathering administration, for example, WeTransfer.com for your document. At the point when utilizing such an administration, please send the download join, the email location being utilized with the electracolour.com account, the sign sort, and sign size to Customer Service.

What is an electracolour.com Yard Sign made of?
Yard Signs utilize 4mm-thick Coroplast (Corrugated Plastic) material.
Is there any other siges coroplast material available?
Yes, Coroplast (corrugated platic) is also available in 6mm, 8mm and 10mm  
To what extent can an electracolour.com Yard Sign last?
Under ordinary conditions, a Yard Sign's required lifespan is up to two [2] years. But we have seen coroplast signs that permanently placed on fences or backed on walls last up to 5 years.

Are Yard Signs imprinted In Full Color?
They are. Your outline may use as few or the same number of hues as you like, without influencing their expense.

Do Yard Signs blur in daylight?
Yard Signs printed by electracolour.com use Ultraviolet (UV) and climate safe inks intended to keep going for the sign's normal lifespan.

How Does the Quantity Discount work?
The Quantity Discount just applies to numerous duplicates of literally the same sign. For instance, the Quantity Discount for ten signs would not have any significant bearing to a request for five duplicates of "Yard Sign 1" and five duplicates of "Yard Sign 2". The Quantity Discount for five duplicates would apply to both arrangements of five signs.

What Accessories are accessible for mounting my Yard Signs?
At present, electracolour.com conveys three sorts of Sign Stakes (H-Wire, Spider, and Heavy Duty), and additionally Sign Frames.

What is the Turnaround Time for Yard Signs?
Requests finished no later than 10:00 AM Eastern Time, Monday-Friday regularly print and boat that same business day. It would be ideal if you take note of that high-amount requests may require more creation time, and at times work of art issues may bring about postponements.

What are the Shipping Costs and Shipping Times for Yard Signs?
Transportation expenses and assessed time aggregates are accessible whenever utilizing our Shipping Estimator. The inexact least sending time for a request is two business days, and this may oblige that one of the Expedited transporting choices be chosen amid checkout.

Will I rehash a past Yard Sign request?
Surely - to rehash a past request, sign into your record and tap on My Account. On the My Account page you'll locate various your latest requests recorded, and connections prompting the My Orders page. Recorded with every request is a "Reorder" catch. Tapping the "Reorder" catch will include the majority of the things from that request to your present shopping