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Large Donation Cheque 48x20, printed on 4mm foam board

$1751 Large Donation Cheque 48x20 4mm foam board

Big cheques stand out well and emphasize your generous contribution to a worthwhile organization, cause or price. Big Cheques stands out really well on any stage, photo shoot with big letters of your donation or prize amount. These over-sized cheques are produced on many materials although most affordable option on large cheques are foam board, eco board which looks and feels like corrugated plastic or smooth soft cardboard both sides.
These large cheques are durable and available in options choose custom sizes for travel friendly. You can also make these re-usable with dry erase markets by laminating, however consider upgrading to 3mm or 6mm pvc. Custom big cheques appear in almost all gala, donation stage, events including salesmen bonus giveaways is always filled with large cheques.

Big Cheques